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Standing out from the crowd, this all comes with a series of free extra's.

Besides the basics (towels, shampoo, hairdryer), guests will enjoy free HiSpeed Wifi, a free minibar

(wine, drinks & chips), and free coffee & tea (a large set of Dolce Gusto capsules). 

A booking will also include the use of a "pocket wifi" for the city, to be online anytime, anywhere! Finally, each apartment has a Smart Led TV with free Netflix, and a Bluetooth Hifi System

And - just for fun - there's an original 80's pinball machine*, a keyboard and a guitar ... in each unit !​

​Optionally, guests can book private airport transfer and other services at very fair cost.

​For prices and booking, visit our official booking site.

More than just a place to stay, happy home Budapest offers unique and fully equipped apartments for short term rent, for 2 to 4 people, perfectly located in the heart of Budapest

Each apartment has a 25-30 m2 main space, including a trendy living area, a modern bathroom, and a fully equipped kitchen. A comfortable double bed can be found on an extra 10 m2 mezzanine, and a sofa-bed can accommodate additional guests.

*Our pinball machines are 40 years old, which makes their maintenance very challenging - we therefore cannot guarantee that they will work at all times.
Welcome to happy home Budapest !