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Book Budapest apartments at attractive rates on airbnb,, Expedia, or direct at best conditions - right here.

happy home

in the Heart of Budapest

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funky apartments and a caring crew with
one mission: to make YOU happy
Apartments & Services

happy home Budapest BLUE




10 color-coded apartment units spread over 5 locations.

25-30m2 main space

mezzanine bed & sleeping area (stairs access)

sofa-bed for extra guests

modern bathroom

fully equipped kitchen

Personal check-in from 2pm to 1am

(agreed upon estimated arrival time)

check-out by 11am with key drop&go

airport transfer (for easy check in/out)

free luggage-storage at our office



included in every booking:

free basics

2 towels (large/small) per guest

​Shampoo & Soap

​Quality Hairdryer > 2000W

Washing Machine & Dryer

free tech


Hi-speed Wi-Fi in the apartment

Smart TV with Netflix

Bluetooth Hi-Fi device

music keyboard png.png


​A bottle of Hungarian Rosé Wine

A set of Dolce Gusto coffee pads

​free luggage storage at our office

free fun

original 80's Pinball Machine!

nylon string guitar

​electric keyboard / piano

happy home Budapest POP


Eötvös utca 43

1067 Budapest

happy home Budapest JOY


Kiss Jozsef utca 4

1081 Budapest

happy home Budapest BLUE

Almassy utca 8

1078 Budapest

happy home Budapest FOX


Kertész utca 46

1073 Budapest


Pinball fun - play for free!

There's an 80's classic pinball machine
in every apartment - let out the kid inside of you!

We don't charge any extra to play, but we also need your understanding: these machines are about 40 years old,
so they can be out of order sometimes. 
We can't promise 100% that every pinball machine will work at any time - finding spare parts can be challenging.
We do our best to keep them going, plus we have some pinball machines for you to try out, 
at our office!
Also, make sure to visit the amazing
pinball museum nearby!

In loving memory of my Dad, Henri Brandt,
who ran his own business with Pinball machines in the 80's.

Dad & Lion.jpg
Image by Bence Balla-Schottner
Image by Lucas Davies
Image by Olivier Clur
Mission statement

It is our declared mission “to make every guest happy and to create moments of joy,
outstanding service, and caring for every guest, client, partner, staff, and everyone around.”

We amplify our mission with eco-friendly principles and actions.
- We sort waste for recycling with multiple trash bins in every apartment
- We use shampoo & soap refill bottles instead of throw-away plastic
- We separate and recycle coffee capsules as good as the products allow
We use mostly ecological cleaning products and re-usable materials
- We recommend tap water over offering plastic-bottled water
- We minimize the use of electronic appliances e.g. heating/AC

Bjorn Brandt
Owner & Chief Happiness Officer
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Charlie Chaplin
P.T. Barnum
"Smile" from the soundtrack of
Charlie Chaplin's 1936 movie Modern Times
This handsome young man wrote, imho, the
as seen in the  2017 Musical
"The Greatest Showman" with H. Jackman